Crowne Plaza Hotel


The Balkan Language Industry Symposium takes place at the Belgrade Crowne Plaza.

The Crowne Plaza is one of Belgrade’s largest conference centres, located in the heart of Belgrade next to the Sava Centre and the river Sava. Apart from a range of conference rooms, the 33,000 m2 complex holds all modern hotel facilities.

The Venue is easy to find, right next to the Corridor X motorway that bisects Belgrade. A taxi from the railway station takes some 5 minutes. New Belgrade’s largest shopping centre Ušče is just 10 minutes walk away.


If you would like to book a hotel room for the time of the conference, we would be pleased to help you. You may also want to stay in town for the weekend: BLIS is organising a sightseeing tour on Saturday 11 November for those interested, and Belgrade is a well-known place to have fun at the many restaurants, bars and clubs, some on rafts moored on the Danube and Sava rivers. If you would like advice, just ask.

The venue hotel, Crowne Plaza, offers a good rate for conference participants, EUR 85 for a single room and EUR 95 for a double, including breakfast. To book this, please download the hotel’s special booking form here, and send it directly to the address on the form. This offer is available until 20 October, after that it depends on availability.

NB! THESE ROOMS ARE NOW ALL BOOKED FOR THE NIGHT OF 9 NOVEMBER. Crowne Plaza has a special offer of EUR 120 on its Club rooms (the standard price is EUR 230).

If you would like advice on alternative accommodation in Belgrade, please just ask us at

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Crowne Plaza

Crowne Plaza