Aims of the association

SATC aims to represent Serbian translation companies that share its values and objectives.
We wish to promote an understanding among the industry’s clients of the importance of high-quality translation, and how to obtain it.

SATC’s statutes lay out the following objectives. SATC will:

  • Work to extend recognition and knowledge of the industry and its significance, by means of information to the public, companies and authorities
  • Promote greater use of professionally produced language services by the commercial and public sectors
  • Act as the translation industry’s spokesperson on issues of common interest to members and thus work to improve member companies’ working conditions
  • Monitor and influence regulations and other business and economic policy issues that affect the industry, among other things by direct talks with representatives of public institutions that are responsible for the sector
  • Publish information relevant to language service provision and of professional interest to its members
  • Work to maintain high professional and ethical standards within the industry
  • Promote adherence to internationally defined standards
  • Promote, publish and enforce a code of conduct for its members
  • Arbitrate in matters concerning members and clients.

You can download SATC’s full statutes here

The Association wishes to gather in its membership companies interested in identifying and organising the best ways of advancing the conditions for development of the profession. Its programme includes organising seminars and events, and raising awareness of quality considerations among those wishing to engage translation services, and among the public.

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