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SATC wishes to cover as broad a membership as possible, among companies that share its values. The broader the membership, the better it will be able to promote its values and standards in Serbia. If your company agrees with the values of SATC and aspires to its aims, it should become a member.

This procedure has been designed to ensure that SATC is composed solely of members who genuinely fulfil the requirements of membership. SATC must be in a position to vouch for the good standing of all of its members, so that it is clear to all clients, partners and counterparts that a member of SATC may be considered as an upstanding company of the highest professional and ethical integrity.

Membership application procedure

To become a member of SATC, fill in the membership application form.

Download the application form here

Send the completed form by e-mail to the SATC office address, attaching in scanned form any documents you should submit. By sending the application, you agree to the procedure.

Your company will be added to the list of membership applicants on the SATC web site.

At the next meeting of the SATC Managing Board, the application will be reviewed. You may be asked to provide supplementary explanations or documentation. The Managing Board may ask third parties for further information or opinions.

The Managing Board will form a recommendation, and inform you. If the recommendation is positive, it will place the application on the agenda of the next General Meeting, which is SATC’s highest authority. The General Meeting will vote on the application, and you will be informed of the outcome.

If successful, your company will be assigned the status of Associate Member. After one year of associate membership, a General Meeting will vote to commute this to full membership.

Associate membership

Associate membership is offered to:

  • New members that have yet to be approved by a General Assembly
  • Companies that share SATC’s values and aspire to its aims, but cannot yet fulfill one or another condition for membership. These companies may remain as Associate Members until they fulfill the conditions, subject to agreement of the General Meeting.
  • Other entities, on the proposal of the Managing Board and approval by the General Meeting.

Associate members do not have voting rights within the association.
Associate Members will be presented as such on the SATC web site, in a similar manner to full members.
Associate members may use SATC’s logo in their presentations and on their web pages in the prescribed form.

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