Code of Conduct

Members of SATC undertake to behave in accordance with the aims of the association. The following list sets forth actions that a company must perform, and may not perform, in order to comply with good industry ethics and with the values of SATC.

Member companies must:

  • Deliver services of a quality acceptable to the customer at the price levels offered
  • In general, deliver services of a quality acceptable to the customer
  • Provide advice to a client on the basis of the client’s best interests
  • Supply only translations that have been prepared by competent translators
  • Ensure that customer confidentiality is handled in a satisfactory manner, safeguard the confidence of both present and former clients without disclosing or using these confidences to the disadvantage or prejudice of such clients, or to the financial advantage of the member company
  • Provide correct data and statistics for purchased services upon customer request
  • Provide remuneration to interpreters, translators and other suppliers according to agreement and within reasonable time from invoice submission
  • Pay taxes, social security and other contributions in accordance with applicable regulatory codes
  • Fully comply with Serbian law
  • Recognise and respect a general duty of fair dealing towards their existing and past clients, fellow members, other members of the translating profession and members of the public
  • Otherwise conduct themselves in accordance with good industry practice and protect SATC’s and the industry’s reputation and image
  • Compete on the market with SATC members and others in a fair and collegial manner
  • Run their companies in a financially responsible manner
  • Hold quality service provision in translation as their principal goal, and be independent of other interests
  • Work to ensure that the interpreting and translation profession is developed positively, and to actively engage in securing the supply of skills to the industry
  • Agree to abide by the findings of the association’s arbitration service in cases of dispute between clients and/or members.

Member companies may not:

  • Submit prices so low that they are unable to deliver the service in accordance with the contract concerned
  • Accept terms stipulated in a tender request and/or contract and fail to fulfil them
  • Fail to pay agreed amounts to translators and interpreters, fees, travelling expenses, etc., or fail to pay in the agreed time
  • Invoice fees that are not approved by the contracting authority
  • Provide services by insufficiently competent interpreters and/or translators under the false assertion that the assignment will be carried out by a competent supplier
  • Advertise or claim services or service levels with which they cannot fully comply
  • Knowingly take any part in a fraudulent tender procedure
  • Attempt to subvert the process of fair competition in any manner
  • Behave in a way that is likely to bring the profession or association into disrepute
  • Unjustifiably criticise translations done by other translators in order to solicit business, or make unfounded or uncollegial public statements about other SATC members
  • Engage in any practice, or conduct themselves in any manner detrimental to the reputation and interests of SATC.
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