Requirements to members

SATC is concerned to maintain its reputation as a standard bearer of good professional and ethical business behaviour. SATC members are required to uphold the highest standards in their conduct of business, and to support the association in its mission to promote them. To become a member, an applicant is required to demonstrate its adherence to such values, to the satisfaction of existing members. To maintain membership, members must ensure continuous commitment to them, and avoid any behaviour that may draw this commitment into question.

By strictly maintaining such standards, SATC is able to endorse its members as independent quality service providers that can at all times be trusted to provide advice and services that are tailored to the best interests of the client. Membership of SATC may be seen by clients as a guarantee of commitment to the highest standards in the industry.

SATC is constantly prepared to offer advice or arbitration in case of disputes or difficult issues between clients and members or among members. A mutually acceptable agreement is sought as the outcome of any dispute.

Principles of membership

SATC is an association of:

  1. Serbian legal entities: companies, not individuals
  2. companies that work professionally
  3. companies that work ethically
  4. independent companies with no conflicting interests
  5. companies with a proven record that can demonstrate the above.

Membership conditions

Membership of SATC is therefore open to companies that fulfil the following conditions. A member must:

  • be an incorporated body registered in the Republic of Serbia, with translation service provision as its predominant business, trading for at least three consecutive years prior to joining
  • regularly pay all due taxes and other obligations resulting from its work
  • operate from office premises dedicated for the purpose
  • employ at least two permanent full-time members of staff occupied with translation management, of which at least one should be a qualified philologist or translator
  • operate quality assurance, and project management systems
  • be effectively independent of political or other interests
  • agree to abide by the SATC Code of Conduct, its Statutes and any other rules of the association
  • aspire to the highest professional and ethical standards.
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