seminar 4 JuneFollowing its successful seminars in March and April and the constant effort of highlighting the importance of delivering quality translation, SATC – the Serbian Association of Translation Companies – organized a new event on 4 June at the hotel Envoy in the centre of Belgrade. The subject was oral interpretation – standards and practice.

This interesting and important topic gathered a considerable number of professional interpreters and professionals from various fields, from heads of translation departments to translators, accredited EU interpreters, public procurement officials and translation agency owners.

The seminar took the form of three panel discussions.

The first panel dealt with the subject of EU institutions and their standards and requirements.

The second discussed the test that interpreters must pass to work in EU institutions (the EU Accreditation Test) and the experience of a number of interpreters in the application process, testing and actually working as an EU accredited interpreter.

The third panel was a discussion among the participants about SATC events, and global changes that need to happen in the world of translation. SATC is seen as a driving force of those changes, so the discussion turned out to be a high quality brainstorming about future actions to bring quality to the forefront in the translation industry in Serbia.

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