SATC has announced a workshop for translators. The event, originally advertised only through SATC member companies for 19 March, was sold out immediately and the new date set for a second workshop on 2 April.

The workshop, entitled ‘A translator’s view of a review -Translation techniques as the bedrock of the translation process’ is aimed especially at language experts with no formal education in translation, but who are active professional translators or editors.

The 4-hour workshop will be led by Professor Aleksandar Kavgić of the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad. It will set out a theoretical basis, and participants are expected to do active work on examples and discuss the results and their implications.

The translation review has become central to assessing the quality of translation deliverables. But the process of review often causes confusion, frustration and delays. It can involve a lot of to-ing and fro-ing between the reviewer and the translation team, with time wasted on discussions and explanations. Communicating the rationale for and against proposed changes becomes even more difficult when they revolve around style or preferential changes.

The objective is to enhance participants’ knowledge of translation techniques and their application, and to empower them to clarify and justify their translation decisions.

DR KavgicDr Kavgić has an excellent knowledge of the theory of translation, its limits and appropriate application, but his expertise goes well beyond theoretical issues, as he works both as translator and reviewer. He has worked as a language moderator for Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise products, and as a terminology expert for Oxford University Press Bilingual Dictionary Division.

Anyone wishing to take part should write to

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