How technology is transforming the translation industry
EUATC, the European association of associations of translation companies, held its annual T-Update conference in Lisbon at the end of April. Participants heard from leading European companies and suppliers of technical solutions about the latest technology on offer, and the difficulties of integrating it into existing companies and business models.
The technical solutions presented included translation management systems, computer-assisted translation tools, e-business skills, HR management and motivation, and machine translation.
The conference was followed by EUATC’s biannual General Assembly, attended by SATC. Common problems were discussed, including public procurement, in which several national associations have worked to assist their governments develop procedures that can ensure quality and value for money.
The UK Ministry of Justice, for example, last year tendered all of its translation services in a single contract on a price-only basis. This provided a cheap contract, but the resulting lack of quality cost far more than was saved. Now, they are consulting market participants in a collaborative effort to devise better procedures.
SATC has been examining Serbian practice, after observing that many institutions are dissatisfied with the quality of translation services. It intends to develop recommendations with the help of best practice in more advanced countries.

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