serbianroulette300x225Our price – zero dinars!

For a service that usually costs around 50 euros an hour, this sounds like a bargain, doesn’t it? Actually, no.


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A symbol of justiceThe law on Public Procurement is a good one. It is not very prescriptive, but sets out a number of sensible principles. It is complemented by the Strategy for the Development of Public Procurement

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Why do institutions complain that they do not get the translation quality they need?

The answer to this is that two things have happened, and one hasn’t.

Until early 2012, there was no obligation for public bodies to publish tenders for ‘low-value’ contracts (currently under RSD 3m). They would often invite three one-man

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How technology is transforming the translation industry
EUATC, the European association of associations of translation companies, held its annual T-Update conference in Lisbon at the end of April.

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09 Mar 2015

UPPS website

wwwFinally, UPPS/SATC’s web site is up and running. All members are strongly encouraged to provide content concerning the translation industry in Serbia and in general.

lisbonEUATC’s annual conference will be held in Lisbon this year. It is open to all, members and non-members alike. Book your place now.

November 2014

euatc-logo-150At an EUATC board meeting in Madrid, UPPS/SATC was accepted as a member of EUATC, the European Union of Associations of Translation Companies. This recognition of UPPS/SATC is an important step towards establishing our association as a serious player in the world of translation, both in Serbia and Europe.


EUATC issued the following press release.


SATC chairman with the outgoing and incoming chairmen of EUATC

SATC chairman with the outgoing and incoming chairmen of EUATC

Newly formed associations representing the interests of language service provider companies in Serbia and Sweden have been admitted into membership of the European Union of Associations of Translation Companies (EUATC).
The Serbian Association of Translation Companies, formed only in November this year with four founding members, immediately mandated its President, David Lythgoe, to apply to the EUATC for membership.
Commenting after the application was unanimously accepted in a General Meeting in Madrid, David Lythgoe said: “It is an important step for our association to be admitted into the ranks of the EUATC. It is vital that the profession in Serbia aligns itself with such a pan-European group, which focuses on raising the standards of the profession and improving understanding among purchasers and legislators of the importance of professionally produced language services.”
The 11 member Språkföretagen, the Association of Swedish Language Service Providers, was also admitted at the same meeting. Anders Uddfors, a member of the new association’s board said: “Our association’s aims include encouraging a consistently high standard of work and ethics within the sector. We also seek to raise awareness of the sector and its importance by providing information to the public, businesses and authorities.”
The addition of Serbia and Sweden to the ranks of the EUATC brings the total number of countries represented by it to 23. President of the EUATC Mirko Silvestrini commented: “The new members will greatly increase the strength and influence of the EUATC across Europe and with more national associations knocking on our door seeking admission, I expect that voice will only get louder.”


logo_rgb_transparent_100The Serbian Association of Translation Companies has been founded in Belgrade by a group of translation companies.

Its aim is to promote quality in translation.

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