“Say what we may of the inadequacy of translation,
yet the work is and will always be one of the weightiest and
worthiest undertakings in the general concerns of the world.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Serbian Association of Translation Companies

SATC is a voluntary, non-governmental, independent, non-profitmaking association of Serbian companies that provide translation-related services.

SATC‘s aim is to extend recognition and knowledge of the translation industry in Serbia and to promote high professional, ethical and quality standards.

SATC is open to all Serbian companies that subscribe to its values and standards.


But is it worthy?

Members of SATC are required to satisfy the other members that they apply the highest professional and ethical standards. Each member has an interest in ensuring that the association’s reputation is constantly upheld. This system of peer review is the best quality guarantee available..

Why have standards?

Given any page of text, no two translators will ever come up with the same result. How can you judge the difference?.

Do I need EN15038?

One of SATC’s aims is to promote international standards. EN15038 is a European translation standard. What does this mean in practice?.

Do I need a certified company?

It is hard to build a good brand image, but easy to damage it with a silly mistake. Make sure to understand the type and quality level of translation you need for each task..

Code of Conduct

What are our members committed to doing – and not doing?.

Become a member

Is your company an independent translation service provider incorporated in Serbia that operates quality assurance and project management systems, pays its taxes and free-lancers on time, believes in fair competition and can subscribe to our Code of Conduct? If so, join us...

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